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Situated within the newly refurbished Newcastle Dental & Implant Clinic, The Lash Lab has been established for 10 years offering our clients a superior semi permanent eye lash extension and experience.


Janine Owen

The Founder – Janine Owen – has been in the make-up and beauty industry for well over 30 years. She has performed multiple sets of eyelashes ranging from single classic lashes, fusion and 2D-3D up to 9D volume lashes using the revolutionary Russian volume technique.

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Our Lashes

At The Lash Lab, we only use certified branded Nouveau Extend lashes for our Classic lash extension and London Lash for our Russian Volume extensions.


Your Style

Whether it is your first visit or thirty first visit, here at The Lash Lab we offer you a thorough consultation to guide you to your perfect lash experience & result. This treatment will transform your beauty routine.



Russian Volume



Familiarise yourself with The Lash Lab and our processes so you know what to expect on the day. Allow us to help transform your lashes to a style that suits you.

Classic Application

The lash lab nouveau semi permanent lash extension treatment involves attaching a single strand on high quality sythetic eyelash, one by one to your own natural lash. The variety of extensions are applied to add volume, length and curl, each style is then created in a way that’s bespoke to you.

Fusion Application

Our Fusion lashes are a blend of the two lash techniques The Classic & The Russian Volume lashes. Taking the best bits from both treatments combining them together which will result in length,volume and wispy texture lash look.

Russian Volume

Our Russian application involves handmade bespoke fans ranging from 2-3 D for a very natural effect & can finish with a super full volume lashes from 9-16D.The lashes used during a Russian Volume application are much finer compared to the Classic lash technique. Choosing the correct thickness and volume for each individual client is crucial for the health of their lashes when doing Russian Volume sets. We are always focused on protecting the natural lashes at The Lash Lab and as the RVL lashes are very light they will be suitable not only for clients with very healthy and thick lashes but also for clients with thinner or sparse lashes.

Lash extensions when looked after properly should last 4-6 weeks. The natural process of your own lashes shedding along with your lash extensions will take place along with every day wear & tear.  We recommend you rebalance your lashes every 2 to 3 weeks to stop your extensions from becoming sparse and keep your chosen style looking perfect.

N.B. Your lash extensions are very delicate, extra care must be taken to avoid your extensions falling out prematurely.

*Oil base makeup removers should be avoided

*Rubbing, touching, picking, very hot water, facial steamers, eye lash curlers can all weaken the adhesive bond causing your lash extensions to potenitally fall off.

Properly applied eyelash extensions by an experienced, qualified lash artish should not damage your natural lashes. Should lash extensions need removing, it should be carried out by a qualified lash artist with professional gel removers to ensure your natural lashes remain intact and in good condition. Clients should not experience any pain to their eye lids or experience premature shredding of their natural lashes.

No – As the extensions are attached to your own natural lashes and not the skin, you will not feel a thing. The treatment process requires the client to relax in a comfortable treatment chair whilst the extensions are carefully applied. We take pride in creating a very relaxed environment and some clients even drift off! You should feel no discomfort in or around your eye after the procedure. The lashes should be well separated with no clumping or lumps of adhesive visible – just beautiful looking, styled lashes.

At The Lash Lab, we do not apply lashes to the bottom as this application requires the client to keep their eyes open. For safety reasons, we do not currently use this method.

We prefer all of our clients to arrive for their appointment make up free especially on the lashes and ask that they be as clean as possible. Oil based products and mascara will create a barrier between the adhesive and your natural lashes, which may cause your extensions to drop off prematurely.

The process of applying lash extensions is done with maximum precision and concentration. Depending on which style look you have selected and combined with your natural lashes, the process can take anything from 1 to 2 hours.

Regular rebalances are recommended to keep your lash extensions looking full and luscious. Typically, most clients revisit every 2 to 3 weeks for their rebalance appointment. As each clients’ natural eyelash cycle is different and depending on how well you have maintained your lash extension – combined with the style you have chosen – clients may sometimes prefer to have a fresh, new set of extensions every 6 to 8 weeks.

Most clients’ lashes are good candidates for lash extensions. However, there may be limitations to the type of look achieved if your natural lashes are very fine, sparse or extremely curly.

Incomplete sets are very difficult to blend in with your natural lashes – this can result in a look that appears unfinished and unprofessional and is not what we’re about.

Yes, we sell a specific Nouveau mascara especially designed for lash extension lashes. Although, it is not always necessary to wear mascara daily as your eye lash extensions naturally enhance your lashes and eyes creating the illusion of wearing mascara. We also provide specific eye and mascara Nouveau make up remover. DO NOT USE WATER PROOF MASCARA OR OIL BASED MASCARA. Oil based products can dissolve the bonding agent used on lash extensions which will effect the longevity of the lashes.

To keep your lashes looking fabulous for as long as possible, avoid contact with hot water and steam for 48 hours after your procedure to allow the adhesive to fully cure.



We’ve split our category of lashes into three specialist applications; The Classic Application, The Fusion Application and Russian Volume Lashes.


Natural . . . . . . . £60.00
Classic . . . . . . . £65.00
Glamour . . . . . . . £75.00

Fusion Application

Natural . . . . . . . £65.00
Classic . . . . . . . £75.00
Glamour . . . . . . . £85.00

Russian Volume Lashes

Natural . . . . . . . £70.00
Classic . . . . . . . £80.00
Glamour . . . . . . . £90.00


Natural . . . . . . . £35.00
Classic . . . . . . . £40.00
Glamour . . . . . . . £45.00


Natural . . . . . . . £40.00
Classic . . . . . . . £45.00
Glamour . . . . . . . £50.00

Russian Volume

Natural . . . . . . . £45.00
Classic . . . . . . . £50.00
Glamour . . . . . . . £55.00


Lash Tint* . . . . . . . £11.00
Brow Tint* . . . . . . . £9.00
Lash/Brow Tint* . . . . . . . £17.00


Lash Lab Clients . . . . . . . £10.00
Non Clients . . . . . . . £20.00


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Situated within Newcastle Dental & Implant Clinic, The Lash Lab’s opening hours are:





















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