The Glamour Look

The Glamour Look Lash Care Products

Please Note: All products are available for purchasing when visiting The Lash Lab and are not for resale online.

"Lights, Camera, Action", Get the red carpet look. For the lady who wants the true "Wow Factor". Our Glamour Look uses our extra volume up or "Bad Boy" lash extensions for longer, thicker, darker defined lashes, be in no doubt this is full on eye lash transformation!!

Treatment Time: 2 hours
Cost from £80.00
Rebalance from £45.00
Please Note: In order to achieve the best results and longevity of your eye lash extensions, please make sure to arrive at your appointment with squeaky clean lashes. Mascara and other oil based products may create a barrier between the adhesive and natural lashes, resulting in the possibility of your extensions falling off prematurely.

Lash Rebalance Appointments

Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment, except when the eyelash reaches a certain age, it drops out. The age of a persons eyelash varies dependant on their age but the average life span is approximately 90days. Eyelash extensions are applied on medium length lashes which will have approximately 60days lifetime left. For this reason, we suggest that in order to maintain a thick and full looking lash that you have your eyelashes rebalanced every 2-3 weeks.

Lash Removal

Nouveau Lashes should primarily be removed by a fully qualified Nouveau Lashes technician. The eyelashes are removed using a special professional adhesive remover. The removal method we use is perfectly safe and does not interfere with your natural lash at all.

Removal Cost
If you are having a new full lash set - £Free
The Lash Lab clients - £10.00
Non The Lash Lab clients - £20.00